Christmas SEO: Strategies for eCommerce Websites 2019

eCommerce SEO

Everyone enjoying the Christmas holiday season. But, if you haven’t started proper planning for retail’s most profitable season, other people will have, and they might just beat you to that lucrative number one spot in Google.

Last year we saw the increasing popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday pushing the promotional retail calendar forward, into November 2018. Before the spending begins, consumers will already begin to research purchases in September and October, creating an even greater need than ever to start planning your Christmas eCommerce SEO campaigns early!

Start by taking a look at your existing rankings for Christmas / seasonal /holiday / gift keywords

For this festival reason you should absolutely never delete Christmas gift pages from your website! Also create new pages with new keywords

If you delete seasonal pages then each year you will have to start building the authority of these pages from scratch. There are so many of ways to hide these pages from public view without deleting them.

If you spent last year focusing your efforts on the keyword “Christmas gifts for beloved” and rank at position 20 already for this term, you would need a good reason (and a good budget) to change direction to a keyword you don’t rank at all for like “best Christmas presents”.

Check your existing keywords rankings for seasonal keywords using search engine ranking software like sermrush, ahref,  or if you don’t have a tool like this use Google Search Console (a free tool from Google) to find the average rankings for a range of keywords.

Make sure your pages aren’t competing against each other

It is important to ensure that your pages aren’t competing against each other to rank for the same keyword in search engines. If you have a wide range of gift products it can be a good idea to create a Christmas landing page with all Christmas offers and gift types displayed.

Utilise Christmas keyword variations

Many people struggle to shop for certain people and creating or optimising a page for keyword variations of “gift ideas” is a great way to capture traffic you might have previously missed out on.

You could also be overlooking opportunities to capture traffic that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, think about adding Christmas alternatives.

Apply target keywords to the headings, title tags and meta descriptions of pages (without unnatural keyword stuffing) to make sure they are optimised with the best chance of ranking in search engines.

your website should be more functions well and is easy for consumers to use on mobile, as much as your budget allows. Use Google’s Page Speed Test to find and resolve mobile problems with your website, which may be inhibiting your website from ranking in mobile search results.

If you have physical stores or online store as well as an eCommerce website then optimising for mobile may have the added benefit of sending fraught shoppers using their phones to research, into your shop.

Here are the best 10 tips

  1. Keyword research (Both long tail and short keywords)
  2. Use Holiday keywords
  3. Gift Keywords
  4. Check your competitors activities
  5. Create unique content
  6. Linking your holiday content
  7. Connect to your customers with mobile
  8. Put your opening hours on Google my business
  9. Integrate Organic and paid marketing
  10. Build do follow links

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